London: Bucking a trend or setting one?

The Office for National Statistics tells us unemployment has fallen by 35,000 in the three months to February (to 2.65 million). Nationwide the unemployment rate is 8.3%: down by 0.1 percent. That’s 0.1%. 10% of a 100th. Meaningful eh?

10.1% of the workforce living in London are claiming Job Seekers Allowance. 7,000 more Londoners began claiming Job Seekers Allowance between December and February. London is going the other way. Almost a quarter of all working age Londoners are economically inactive – 1.38 million people.

There are 1.03 million 16 to 24 year olds looking for work. That’s 22.2%, down from 22.3% three months earlier.

The Coalition gives thanks for 0.1% improvements, but there may be a long hot summer coming. (OK, this is England so it might b a long hot wet summer).

The Connexions Centre in Battersea, just down the road from the riots at Clapham Junction is now closed.

70% or so of the public expenditure cuts still to come