1 thought on “Photography

  1. Hello Terry. I read your recollections about Mitcham Grammar (if you remember me, Geof Rayner, the short kid who came from Australia). I think your comments on the grammar school were spot on. It was a weird place and only rescued for me by playing rugby. (And of course the Tories want to reintroduce them – possibly because they want to inflict pain on the lower middle class!I My background was W/C so it is surprising that I didn’t end upon at Western Grove).

    I came across your website because I was invited to an Old Mitchamians event (tonight as it happens)- and thought I should go along. Looked at you (few) photos. My wife is a photographer (www.ginaglover.com) and I am a semi-retired quasi-academic type (doctorate and all).
    It sounds like you have had a splendid career – as a Mitcham survivor!

    Best regards


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