About Terry Miles

Terry Miles BA, DipCG, DMS, MICG, retired specialist careers adviser for young people with disabilities and team manager, father, husband, atheist, Green Party member (inactive so far), part-time entrepreneur, occasional motorcyclist. Lives in France now. Just so you know where I am coming from…

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2 thoughts on “About Terry Miles

  1. Very interested to read your thought on Mitcham Grammar School. I remember it well and indeed the day you thumped somebody and made their nose bleed (Who was it….?)
    Also fun times at St Marks Youth Club etc.
    I lived in Tamworth Park and remember you too.
    At least we had your magazine Icarus! I still have a copy or two somewhere….
    Happy days…or not…

    • Hi Barrie! Good to hear from you. I have many happy memories as well, especially around St Marks Youth Club (The Morgue). I’d forgotten about Icarus. I seem to remember it was needed at the time and I got away with it mostly. I also remember you singing with a band and being worshipped by the girls when you were (especially Barbara). I hope life has been good to you. You were missed when you moved away. (And I think it was Colin Loader but I might be wrong).

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