Well this is interesting…

I followed a link from a Quartzy post and ended up in my WordPress Reader and somehow within my Reflective Practice dashboard with the big “Write” button that I couldn’t help but press. So, in the unlikely event that you are reading this, Hi!

I’m 66 and living in France now but still dipping my toes into the SEN school world for a week or so once a term. The government these days has much bigger concerns and the drive to privatise every professional service – like careers guidance – has degenerated into provision by cheaper lower quality or single menu item substitutes wherever possible. Thus the X-Ray unit is a place you travel to that just does X-Rays – no hospital attached – and “probably-good-enough-but-the-clients-won’t-know-the-difference” careers advice is provided by a variety of under-qualified charlatans and interested parties with careers information databases and 30 minutes to change your life without guidance skills that challenge the assumptions you came into the room with or open up new possibilities (followed by 15 minutes of recording their intervention and ticking boxes to serve The Auditor, who should be a character in a DC Comic).

You get your X-Ray done. You go. You get your information about work with animals and the address of a local college. You go.

So things seem to be pretty quiet. Further change – even correction – unlikely. With government and opposition parties obsessed with various disasters and the inevitable oncoming mega-disaster that is Brexit, very few MPs are likely to be interested in the remote possibility of enhancing their own career prospects by improving the career prospects of young people. Teachers do that.

The changes that will come – are bound to come – will arrive in sneaky increments that don’t rock the budget, challenge government ideology or disturb the status quo of contracts and ownership too much or make much difference at all to the experience of young people when they are faced with life choices. And so we plod on. Those of us that can do our best, doing our best with professional expertise and experience and reasonably modern careers information resources.

Person-Centred Challenging Careers Guidance is out there. Just probably not near you.

OK so that’s my accidental rant for today. Now lets all go back to deleting emails and unsubscribing to things.

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